About Us

Automacy AI has been passionate about delivering technological solutions since 2018. We are dedicated to finding new innovation solutions to help Canadian Businesses grow and thrive in the new digital economy

About Us

We saw a world rapidly advancing in technology, yet many SMEs were struggling to keep pace. Our founders, bringing years of expertise in digital transformation, AI, and ML, established Automacy AI with a singular goal: to empower these businesses to not just compete, but to lead in the new digital economy.

Our Values

The values that hold us true and to account


Making complexity manageable, Automacy AI transforms advanced technology into simple, user-friendly solutions.

Hard Work

At Automacy AI, relentless effort and dedication are the cornerstones of every success story we write.


Fueled by a deep passion for technology, we at Automacy AI are committed to empowering businesses with every project we undertake.


Innovation is our heartbeat, driving us to continuously break new ground in AI and digital transformation..

Pro Bono Consulting

Bringing Innovation to Those Who Make a Difference

At Automacy AI, we believe in giving back to the community that nurtures us. In alignment with our core values of simplicity, hard work, innovation, and passion, we are excited to announce our new initiative: 100 hours of complimentary consulting services exclusively for Canadian non-profit organizations.

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